What’s Maintenance Free and Maintainable (Wet)?

  • Batteries come in two types which are Maintenance Free and Maintainable (Wet). Both are similar in many ways for instance, both are filled with electrolyte and functioning similarly.
  • Maintainable (Wet), this type of battery made up of both sulphuric acid and some water. However, it is crucial to always maintain the electrolyte level of the battery at least once a year. This is due to climates factor, which it is either vaporise during high temperature or it may freeze during mild weather.
  • It is important to always handle the Maintainable battery with so much care as it may damage if excessive forced applied on it.
  • Maintenance Free battery does not require maintenance of the electrolyte level as it able to momentarily maintain its water due it uses calcium alloy of lead instead of antimony alloy.
  • Maintenance Free battery can withstand the climate factor and charge faster compared to Maintainable (Wet), but the life span of Maintenance Free is much shorter compared to Maintainable (Wet).

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